In December, project of the Enactus SGGW team – Finance Helpdesk was awarded with a scholarship of Lesław Paga Foundation. The team received 6,000 zloty for the implementation of its initiatives. The winners of the scholarship of the total pool of 50,000 zloty was 10 project teams selected from 32 organizations.

Scholarship from Lesław Paga Foundation is a grant program, which aims to promote innovative, educational projects and researches focusing on the topic of the capital market, led by student organizations, academic scientific circles and universities across the country, as well as an informal group of students.

Project Finance Helpdesk awarded in December by the Foundation consists of three stages.

The first is to create a mobile application enabling efficient management of their savings. Finance Helpdesk application is targeted primarily at people who are just entering the world of savings accounts, mutual funds or the stock market, and who until now have had no idea about the possibilities of these finanscial instruments.

The second element of the project is an online platform containing information on what is happening in the capital markets. The site will also publish e-learning lessons about accumulating capital.

The final step will be a two-day conference dedicated to saving and investing money.

The project could take part in the competition, due to the substantive content associated with capital markets. With the mobile application and web platform project recipient will be able to deepen their practical knowledge of the field and multiply their capital and savings.