Training sessions for students participating in the Enactus program was organized on 4th of December in PwC office in Warsaw. Over 70 people from across the Poland registered. Students from 12 universities paticipated in the event.
The training was divided into two tracks. First one for Juniors, or those new to Enactus, and workshops for leaders and senior students who have work at least a year in the program.

Introduction to the program and project draft preparation was runed for Juniors by Elgar Baumer (Managing Director, International Affiliate Division, Enactus) and Tomasz Duda (Junior Program Manager, Enactus Poland). On the workshop they were presenting Enactus mission, principles, and discussed with the participants step-by-step planning and execution phase of the project. At the end, students met with Tomasz Milosz, PwC HR Director, who shared  about his judging experiences from Enactus National Competition, where acting as Juror he was evaluating existing projects. By encouraging students to actively engage in the program emphasized that from the point of view of the employer, such activity is always highly appreciated and recognized for the practical experience.

At the same time, a few floors above a teams and senior leaders have go through Lidership workshop, which allowed them to consolidate the skills and knowledge of leadership. The meeting was conducted by PwC consultants (Margaret Wnek-Kolaska and Violetta Lip). In the second part of the day they had a discussion on effective methods of recruiting new students to the team and ways for the development of a team at universities.

Finally, the undisputed expert in networking, Grzegorz Turniak (CEO BNI Poland) conducted an excellent workshop on building relationships and networking. Giving students a number of ideas, inspired, and encouraged them to make new relationships that will allow the development of projects and activities.

Michał Przybylski – team leader of Enactus Higher Education School of Management and Banking says – „It was another training prepared by Enactus Poland – this time as a guests in the offices of PWC. It was particularly special for me because we were able to come together with the new members of our team. It  was an excellent opportunity to see from the kitchen what the Enactus is and felt the great atmosphere that it was difficult to show during the recruitment process.”
„This training motivated me to continue working and to develop further new projects. For me, one of the most valuable thing in the training was the opportunity to exchange views and experiences with other leaders. „- Says Mateusz  Madej, leader of the Enactus Univeristy of Technology in Lodz

National trainings for students as the one organized on December 4th, are aimed to develop their skills and continuously improve the quality of projects carried out by teams.