On 7th of March, the Enactus Breakfast meeting was held at BIGRAM offices. The theme of the meeting was focused on the question „How business leaders influence the development of young talent in the world? How can we do it in Poland?”

It was attended by CEOs, board members and Heads of Human Resources Departments including representatives from companies such as Microsoft, Credit Agricole, AmCham, Antalis, Gras Savoye.

Breakfast was led by Paulina Mazur, Enactus Country Leader,  together with representatives of Enactus International Affiliate Division – Ann Marie Almeida, President and Elgar Beumer, Managing Director.

Participants talked about how important CSR pollicy is to build engagement around their own organization among prospective and current employees, as well as how to emerge the top talents on the market of students and graduates, who can become future managers and assure that the company can flourish.

The background for this discussion were examples of other countries in the world in which Enactus operates. One of the conclusions was that the advantages in Enactus projects realized in Western countries is largely owed ​​by the partner companies engagement in the development of student initiatives.
This shows that the effective functioning of Enactus in Poland is also very dependent on the level of involvement of top management in the program. Valuable advices that are shared by business representatives to help students make modifications and improvements and develop better and faster. Thanks to that the results of their projects can be even more spectacular.

We hope that with the increasing involvement of companies and their representatives in Enactus projects, more and more schools and young people will work in the program, and the quality of ongoing initiatives will continue to grow.