On 25th of May in Kinoteka in Palace of Culture and Science took place Enactus Poland National Competition 2015. Event gathered around 300 students from all over the country and more than 100 jurors – presidents and directors, experienced managers who have evaluated the student initiatives. The aim of the competition was the choice of the Polish representation to the Enactus World Cup that will take place in Johannesburg (October 2015) .

The opening ceremony of the competition started with a presentation of short video prepared by Enactus students.

Projects were presented to jurors by 8 qualified teams representing: University of Gdansk, University of Lodz, University of Warsaw, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Warsaw University of Technology, Technical University of Lodz, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw School of Life Sciences.

Judges represented the following companies and institutions: PKO Bank Polski, PMI Poland Chapter, AIG, Credit Agricole Bank Polska, BPCC, Antalis Poland, Cargill, LOTOS Group, GPEC Group, Microsoft, Budimex, 3M, PwC, Energa, LOTTE Wedel, Hortex Group, Gras Savoye, Asseco Poland, Colgate Palmolive, BASF, ING Bank Slaski, KGHM, mBank, Energa, Legg Mason, Ferrero, Agora, Unilever, Warbud.

The jury assessed the student projects according to the Enactus criteria. They also checked if they have contributed significant improving the standard of living of the beneficiaries in economic, environmental and social areas. The judges were checking if projects are innovative and do they bring value to the local community by adapting business models.

During the competition nearly 20 projects were presented. They concerned the problems such as: job creation based on the upcycling actions, dedicated help for people affected by aphasia, change of children eating habits, helping farmers to counteract the effects of the embargo on vegetables and fruits, or creating solar panels.

Each team had 17 minutes to present their projects and convince judges that their outcomes mostly meet Enactus criteria. Judges have additional 5 minutes to ask questions.

Enactus competition gives student unique opportunity to get feedback from real business leaders in order to help and develop their furthered projects. The aim of the competition except sharing the experiences is the choice of the best polish team to represent country on Enactus world finals.

Judges decided that team from Warsaw School of Life Sciences will present their projects during the Enactus World Cup in Johannesburg (October 2015). Students from Warsaw presented two ongoing initiatives one of them was project „Aphasia,” which resulted in the creation of the unique application supporting communication with the surrounding people affected by aphasia. They also create a website which provides information about this problem. More information about project: http: //afazjapomoc.pl/


University of Lodz won the vice-champion title. They presented the innovative project „Sweet Help” with support parents of children with diabetes while giving seniors an additional source of income, and upcycling project ReFashion.


Third place went to Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, who presented project aimed on restoring the cultivation of plants such as: rhubarb, or other forgotten fruits and vegetables.


The statues were handed to team leaders by Enactus diamond sponsors: Zbigniew Jagiełło President of PKO Bank Polski, Artur Miernik HR Director at PKO Bank Polski, Małgorzata Kusyk President of PMI Poland Chapter, Agnieszka Krogulec member of the board PMI Poland Chapter.

Special award “Most Improved Team” was handed by Beata Janczur Vice-President of Credit Agricole Bank Polska to team from Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

PMI Poland Chapter awarded team from School of Economics with the title of „Best Practice in Project Management” as a business model which focus on the production of healthy juices. Project Economize – Warsaw School of Life Sciences that uses gamification to learn how to save money at schools was awarded by PKO Polish Bank as „Most Effective Business Concept”

During the competition sponsors practices concerning cooperation and contribution to the development of the program were awarded. PKO Bank Polski received recognition for creating dedicated mentoring program and support in the establishment of new team at Warsaw School of Economics. PMI Poland Chapter for creating a Project Advisory Program. Enactus teams received support in planning and implementation of projects by PMI volunteers. Both institutions were involved in development of the student projects during the Enactus Poland conferences by leading numerous workshops and training.

Additionally Warsaw School of Economics and Warsaw University of Technology received „Enactus Poland Rookie” award as they participated in the competition for the first time.

Judges were inspired by the ideas of students, their activities and commitments. For partners and companies present on the competition was also a great opportunity to talk and get to know future leaders. They also have a chance to see how the young generation in practice solves important problems and take entrepreneurial action.

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