Enactus Poland National Competition 2014 took place on 2nd June in Kamienica Theatre in Warsaw. Over 250 students and 80 judges, including top level managers attended to share their knowledge and compare experiences. But above all to choose the Enactus Poland 2014 Champion.

Nine qualified teams representing University of Gdansk, University of Lodz, University of Warsaw, Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poznan University of Technology, Lodz University of Technology, Warsaw School of Life Sciences (SGGW) and the University of Management and Banking in Poznan, had a chance to confront their projects with an executive panel of business judges.

Future leaders met with the present leaders from i.e.: PKO Bank Polski, AIG, Credit Agricole Bank Polska, LOTOS Group, PwC, PMI Poland Chapter, BPCC, Antalis Poland, Cargill, CEMEX, Microsoft, GPEC Group, AmCham, Schneider Electric, Mercedes – Benz , Żywiec Group, Budimex, Warsaw Stock Exchange, Lafarge, LOTTE Wedel, Netia, Microsoft, Sealed Air, Mastercard, Polish Oil and Gas Company, Polpharma, Statoil, Hortex Group, Gras Savoye, Hitachi, IBM Poland, WARS.

Judges evaluated presented projects basing on the Enactus criterion, trying to answer the following question: Considering the relevant economic, social, and environmental factors, which ENACTUS team most effectively empowered people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living?
Teams presented nearly 30 projects completed in the academic year 2013/14, committed to various challenges such us: technological exclusion of seniors, creating jobs and training for homeless people, change in the nutrition habits of youngsters, exclusion of people with disabilities, and others. Each student team had exactly 17 minutes for an audiovisual presentation, at which they had to show the outcomes of their initiatives and prove that they have significantly influenced local communities and empowered people in need.

At the end of the day, judges decided to honor team from University of Gdansk to be the Champion of the Enactus Poland competition 2014 and the representative for the Enactus World Cup in Beijing.
Two leading project realized by the Gdansk team are: „Village in the City”, resulting in establishment of three eco – markets in the Tri-City, generating over one million PLN revenue for the farmers from direct trade with customers; and „Second Life of waste „, also rewarded by PKO Bank Polski as most innovative project of 2013/2014. Production of quilts and pillows from collected plastic bottles generated revenue not only for the manufacturer but also for a group of involved homeless people (quilts were delivered to accommodation centers).

University of Lodz was announced as the Enactus Poland vice champion, second vice champion title went to University of Management and Banking in Poznan

PKO Bank Polski invited all Enactus students for internships, stressing out that students activity and involvement in the program proves that they may be very promising employees and for such, there is always a place in the Bank.

Special awards for outstanding contribution to the development of the Enactus in Poland were delivered to Credit Agricole Bank Polski for involvement in training students from Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences; GPEC Group was recognized for its outstanding engagement in launching Enactus at Gdansk University of Technology. LOTOS Group was rewarded for carrying out a dedicated grant competition for the Enactus teams which significantly improved and developed the chosen wining project.

Additional recognitions in program management were announced for: Warsaw School of Life Sciences – for record breaking recruitment and best Enactus promotion at the campus, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences presented as the „Newcommer”, first time at the competition; Faculty Advisor for the team of Lodz University of Technology, Magdalena Wróbel, for outstanding supporting the team.

All Jury members were inspired by the ideas of students, their activity and involvement. For partners and companies present at the competition it was also an opportunity to talk and get to know the future leaders to see how the young generation in practice solves important business issues.

On the Picture: Students from the team of University of Gdansk (leader Marcin Kudrewicz, Faculty Advisor: Piotr Wrobel ), Zbigniew Jagiełło ( President of PKO Bank Polski), Artur Miernik (HR Director of PKO Bank Polski), Joanna Byczyńska (Board Member of Cargill) , Tomasz Miłosz (Human Capital Director, PwC), Piotr Wielgomas (President, BIGRAM) . Place: Kamienica Theater , June 2, 2014.


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