Interesting trainings and team building took place during the Enactus Summer Summit 2015! The event which was held from June 26-27, was organized by teams form Gdansk University of Technology and the University of Gdansk.

During the conference, students from seven Enactus teams participated in trainings and workshops related to subject such as: The use of social media in the promotion of projects, Webdesign, Sketchnoting, Project Management and Coaching.

Among the speakers were: Natalia Klonowska (Visual Thinking Trainer, Graphic Recorder and the Facilitator, Sketchnoter), Agnieszka Szponar (ICC Certified Coach, mediator, specialist of Positive Psychology, Coach in Gdansk Science and Technology Park), Paweł Klikowicz (PhD student at Gdansk University of Medical Sciences, coordinator and social Ninja of campaign), Marcin Kubiak (President of the estate agency Novahouse, sales trainer, founder of the Business Tiger Academy), Piotr Kucułyma, Lukasz Witulski (President and founder of the Wordbusters speakers club – Professional Toastmasters Club), Agnieszka Mróz (Startup Zone Gdynia), Iwona Borzym (PKO Bank Polski), Karolina Grudzińska (Specialist in the Office of Communications at Grupa LOTOS), Małgorzata Kusyk (PMI Poland Chapter President), Grzegorz Regliński (IT Manager, Scrum Master in Madkom)


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Interesting workshops gave the participants a large dose of new knowledge and ideas.

Apart from training meeting was also an opportunity to relax at the end of the academic year, and exchange experiences about projects completed and carried out in this year.