Leadership Academy, Inspiration Camp and Enactus Week – these events began a new academic year in the past month. October was very inspiring for our students and during the autumn recruitment Enactus made a lot of noise on the 13 Polish universities.

Teams with new experience and freshly recruited members began November intensely.

On 4-5 November at the Poznań University of Technology took place the third edition of the nationwide conference Enactus Starter. This event is one of the major activities organized as part of the programme in Poland. Almost 160 students participated in two-day trainings and workshops conducted by business practitioners. There were representatives of the Enactus teams from polytechnics and universities from Poznań, Gdańsk, Lublin, Łódź, Wrocław and Warsaw.

The event was opened by Paulina Mazur – Country Leader Enactus Poland and Bartosz Bartkowiak –  the team leader of Poznań University of Technology, also Ms. Agnieszka Misztal, Prorector for stationary studies at Faculty of  Production Engineering at Poznań University of Technology said the welcome speech.

During the conference students were able to gain knowledge and develop their skills in one of the four thematic tracks.

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The workshops were conducted by inter alia:

– Diamond Sponsor of Enactus Programme in Poland – PKO Bank Polski. Ms. Beata Krajczyńska, business partner for Poznań’s region, introduced the subject of effective meetings and has received great recognition among participants

– Representatives of Microsoft. Rafał Medycki, Technical Account Manager, Microsoft Poland Central and Eastern Europe oraz Wiktor Fido, Technical Account Manager Microsoft Services Premier Support, presented some interesting principles and techniques of time management.  After this workshops, participants will probably better organize their work and prioritize tasks

– Eurocash Group. Piotr Ślązak, management and interpersonal communication trainer shared his knowledge of team communication and negotiating strategies. Students point out that trainings during workshops helped them raise awareness of communication mechanisms, which will probably has an positive impact on their projects

– Kasia Żurek and Zuzanna Woźniak from Bee Talents encouraged students to creative work. On the basis of Design Thinking and Lean Startup they showed students what is MVP and emphasised its importance in the context of launching a new product in the market.

– Workshop about building effective communication and influencing people was carried out by Michał Krężlewicz – business coach and higher education lecturer, dedicated to the idea of communication efficiency.

– Among the speakers, there were also representatives of Poznań University of Technology. Joanna Ziomek, lecturer and trainer, worked with students on soft competences using a set of LEGO EDUCATION. Management training for students was prepared by Rafał Mierzwiak who aside from being a lecturer is fullfiled in a role of trainer for the executives. Thanks to these trainings, the member of Enactus discovered a leader element in themselves that they are able to develop and practice by actively participating in the Program.

– The newly recruited Enactus members had the opportunity to understand issues related to CSR and development projects as a part of the program.  During workshops conducted by Enactus Poland Team, represented by Tomasz Duda – Enactus Poland Program Director and Michał Niekrasz – Enactus Poland Campus Expert, students learned about effectively work with a target group and acquired knowledge about stages of creating a project.

– Likewise, took place a workshop conducted by the graduate of Enactus in Poland. Paweł Trela – Alumni Enactus Poland and founder of Microlight start-up, worked with students on developing the brand of the team.

Students finished the first day of the conference with spending the evening together. Integration as a mandatory point of Enactus Starter resulted in the exchange of insights and establishment of a new, valuable contacts.


The second day of training was also very interesting and engaging participants to action.

On Saturday, the knowledge about project success shared with us:

– Dobrochna Ciosek – expert in project management, Manager at F5 Konsulting

– Subject of Crowdfunding was explained by Jakub Sobczak – founder of Poland’s largest crowdfunding platform Polakpotrafi.pl

– Case study prepared by Robert Krotoski – Business Unit Manager in Allegro.pl turned out to be very practical for students with entrepreneurial skills. During the meeting students got to know the simplest way to entrepreneurship, which is e-commerce and some of them inspired by workshop, took the first steps in electronic commerce.

After active two days of trainings and workshops, students returned to their universities to use the acquired knowledge and experience in the work on projects. Time to turn inspirations into project activities, which results we will be to see in June during the Enactus Poland National Competition.

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