During the Enactus World Cup 2015, which was held from 12-14 October, representatives of 36 countries, including the Polish national team presented their projects before an international jury composed of CEOs and executives from companies such as Wallmart, CocaCola and Unilever.

Poland was represented for Enactus SGGW team which submitted a draft Aphasia. Students supported the development and promotion of applications which helps people affected by aphasia with communication and rehabilitation.


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The trip our Polish National Team was made possible also thanks to the support of sponsors – PKO Bank Polski, LOTOS Group, Gras Savoye and BIGRAM.

In addition to the Warsaw University of Life Sciences team, a team at the University of Gdansk support the activities of the Polish team in Johannesburg.


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The first involved the replacement of dangerous and very harmful kerosene lamps to solar lights. Team involved active members of the community to establish a company renting solar lamps.

The solution turned out to be not only better for health and the environment but also more efficient (cost of renting the lamp was lower than to buy kerosene). The solution has reduced respiratory health problems by 90% among those who use solar lamps and significantly reduce the number of people who suffer from burns caused by accidents with oil lamps.

The second project SanEco, concerned to improve hygiene among Kenyan communities through the creation of ecological toilets restrict access of harmful substances into the water and the production of soap SanEco made from bananas and avocados. The project helps reduce the spread of diseases such as cholera.

We also invites you to watch video flashback and feel a unique atmosphere of the Enactus World Cup 2015:


Final round ends up with the following results:

I miejsce – Wielka Brytania

II miejsce – Stany Zjednoczone

III miejsce – Marocco

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